Tread Softly......
Eaglereach Wilderness Resort is a recognised eco-tourism resort and the experience will be different from that of a coastal resort.......with eco-tourism, nature comes first and we humans need to make a few sacrifices.
At first there would seem to be a lot of rules; no hunting, no shooting, no trail bikes, no pets, no daytrippers, no speeding yet all these are necessary measures both to make your visit even more memorable  and at the same time preserve the native wildlife and keep the environment intact.
'Conserve Water' is another sign you will notice.  Why?  Well this is a wilderness resort on top of a mountain in the driest continent of the world and we rely on rain water.  There are some immediate benefits such as: how good it tastes and how good your hair feels after washing in it,... but we all need to use it in moderation.   Some guests may say "why is the swimming pool only eleven metres long ?"  The reason again is that we rely on rain water.  If you wish to swim in an Olympic size pool try our Goonarook Lagoon.
Native animals are prolific in their natural habitat and of course protected.  No there is no vermin but an amazing variety of native animals from possums to bandicoots.  Enjoy their presence and refer to the guidebook in each lodge to identify a particular species.  If you wish to reduce their intrusion keep the doors closed and never leave food or scraps in or around the lodges.

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